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Posted By Babs
Smiley Throwing Stars I am so happy to finally have the Official Master Guardian store up and running. It is so great to be able to sell merchandise to the fans :) I cannot not believe my dream has finally come true, I have to thank my partner for helping me to set it up :D This is so cool ^_^
Blooming Rose
Posted By Babs

With me having to do a lot of research for Tales of Fedor Part Three, it is taking me a bit longer to complete it. *giggle* Why oh why did I have to pick 170AD.... oh well it has been a challenge which I like :D I think it might take me until the end of the month to finish it. But I must say it has been great fun writing it and drawing some new pictures which I hope will look great in it too :)
I have also been thinking what could I do to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the birth of the Master Guardian, which is on 18th MarchSmileyWow 12 years is along time, but I must admit I really enjoy writing the series and all I can say is I hope the ideas and inspiration keeps following and I think it will as long as one of my biggest inspirations keeps going too, I know I'll be all right.
I've probably got you all wondering who that is? If so then allow me to reveal him, KISAKIKISAKI
I really admire him not just for his music or bands. I admire him for who he is. I just think he is one amazing man who is just the greatest influence to me to keep going no matter what life throws at you and I so wish I could tell him how much he has kept me going writing the Guardian series.... I was thinking the other day, if only there was away, I would love to ask him, please could I dedicate the new Master Guardian Part Two (going to be lunched in March) to him and please could I use his real name.... I'm going all shy now just thinking about it.... but it would be so cool to have the novel dedicated to my hero.... I'm onSmiley now...I really do wish I could tell him... But the reality is, I am never going to be able to tell him which upsets me...
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Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
I was so shocked Smiley to find this afternoon, when I checked on Lulu, that Memory is now available on the iBookstore I have no idea when this happened... it has been available since 3rd January.

O'my goodness that means it will also be available to oder through the world's largest bookstore, Barnes & Noble, that means people will be able to download it for their Nook... This is so cool :D

Wow it really has given me the boost I have so needed to try again to get the rest of the novels on there. But I'm so confused Smiley I have no idea how I managed to format the epub right so that it was accepted.... Oh well I'm sure it will come back to me or it might surprise me again and just go through... We will have to wait and see :)
What a great start to the new year it just makes me want to run around Smiley and says, "Finally I have made it!"