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Posted By Babs
It is always nice to know when you're a writer who is interested in your work and it's great when it's family who are buying it, it has made me very happy. I just hope they are all right with some of the relationships between some of the characters as in the past it has put quite a lot of people off. All I have to say to that is we're in the 21 century and there is nothing wrong with my characters liking or married to the same sex and beside they are complicated with them being sort of hermaphrodites (笑). It's going to be interesting to see what my family make of them, will they be shocked or will they be coming back for more hmmm? Smiley
Posted By Babs
It was so nice at the weekend a friend of the family was having a look at the new drawing I had done and when she saw the coloured version of Xīwàng with baby Elliot, she just fall in love with it Smileyand really wanted a copy which I am happy to do with her being a close friend of the family.
DR21 Publishing have published Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Two The Mystery Mushrooms in the shout series section, whilst I am busy getting Tales of Lord Lone Cheng Part Seven Rebellion completed along with Family Gathering. I realised today that there is still Tales of Fedor Aristaios Kontos Part Six: The call of a dear friend to also complete along with Tales of Kízòku Teńjōteki na The lost chapter, before I continue with Master Guardian Part Four book3 Surprise.
Posted By Babs
I had a lovely comment tonight from twimagic who seems to be a bit of a fan of my work on for the first half of Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Two The Mystery Mushrooms.
This is what twimagic said, 'Gorgeous as usual What is your source of inspiration? I mean what helps you to boost your imagination?'
My response was as you all should guess, 'My imagination is fuelled by listening to my inspiration KISAKI, watching Anime & playing RPG's ^_^'
I didn't have enough space to also say, 'reading too many fantasy novels like Vampire Hunter D and forgotten realms.' Smiley
I will be launching the second half on there all being well on Wednesday and if it keeps getting responses like that, DR21 Publishing are conceding to go ahead and publish it on the website before Tales of Lord Lone Cheng Part Seven Rebellion. Smiley
Posted By Babs
Happy New Year!
I still cannot believe 2014 has arrived. I have been busy for past three days painting a copy of the drawing I did of Xīwàng with baby Elliot and Mika. It has turned out pretty well. I am still hard at work on the Family Gathering and doing bits to Tales of Lord Lone Part Seven.
Today is also Lord Lone, Celestial, Fedor, Spear and Guardian's Birthday's Smiley