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Posted By Babs


All five paintings for the cover of Tales of Kízòku Teńjōteki na The lost chapter, are completed, all I need to do is scan them in, then remove the background and place them on the cover like a group photo, which is going to be fun as I have never done this many people on one cover before. I have enjoyed painting them, even though I had to redo Hinata because the first one I did of him when I scanned him in his face just seem to disappear, it was really strange. I’m so pleased with the way the second one turned out and I have to thank the fans for helping to decide what colour to paint his Kimono, pale yellow is so him Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Posted By Babs


A new year and I have been making a start on the 5 paintings which are going to be appearing on the cover of The Lost Chapter. I’ve done their skin tones, now it’s on to their clothing and what colours to chose? I was thinking light colours with it being late summer in the story. I can really picture Alric in a nice pale yellow and Hisashi in a black half coat and pale blue Kimono, his parents in the same colours but slightly darker or his mum might be in a pale orange. Fēng-Li in a cream white with his dragon painted how it appears in the Fedor series. Hinata might be in a light grey, I haven’t decided yet Smiley