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Posted By Babs

Answer to my fans who have been asking me through Facebook messenger why I have been posting little short stories entirely in English, this is because they were originally going to be for writing competitions, however, they all exceeded the word count limit, and when my editor tried to cut them down it made the story feel rushed or hardly made any sense, or just simply ruined it, so I decided to post them on penana, otherwise they would have remain on my laptop to never see the light of day, which would have been quite sad with them all being quite good stories that a lot of you have informed me, you have really enjoyed. I am going to be trying to write one more little story for the National Short Story Competition 2016, before it opens on Monday 1st of Feb, giggle if it goes over the 2,000 word limit and has nothing to do with fire it will appear on penana, which won’t matter too much as I have already succeededSmiley in writing two stories for the competition.

I have to say keeping a story down to 2,000 words in a real challenge for me as you all know I can be very descriptive and it really is a triumph when I manage itSmiley

If you have read any of the resent short stories but you’re not a member of penana or the Official Master Guardian group on Facebook, please feel free to post your comments here as I would like to hear what you make of them.

Posted By Babs

With my hand nearly better, I am back to using all my fingers on my favourite keyboard which helps keeps the Ganglion in my right hand nice and calmSmiley. I have been busy drawing  and painting pictures for the side stories, Lord Lone and the missing Empress and Yúnlong and the baby. I have to say I still don’t like drawing babies, they are never easy to get right, but I think I did all right with this one, he’s turned out OK. My editor was asking me if I’m going to paint it, I might if the whole story goes down well with the fans and he agreed.

HandLord Lone


Posted By Babs


SmileyIt is so nice to have the dressing off and see my finger is finally on the mend, I still need to take it easy so the wound does not reopen again and it is still a little sore which is to be expected whilst it’s still healing. I'm hoping it continues to get better. At least I am now able to use my favourite keyboard with 8 fingers giggleSmiley

Posted By Babs

SmileyIt is nice to have the stitches out of my hand, it still a little sore, and because the stitches weren’t tight in my finger, it has sadly not healed too well, so I’m having to use steri strips to keep the wound closed. It is so good be able to use my favourite keyboard again, I can touch type with it. Bookworm Smiley Today I found whilst going through the short story folder a one page story titled Yúnlong and the baby, which I would say is a bit of fantasy crime story, I have posted it on to see what the fans make of it.

SmileyIn the mean time I am planning to either write the next Tales of Lord Lone Chéng story which will follow on where the Jingsong Lĭwù Shao finished or do the final Tales of Fedor Aristaios Kontos.

Posted By Babs

poorly hand

I have injured my left hand and ended up with 10 stitchesSmiley. Thank goodness I have an iPad miniSmiley, I'm still able to work on the final part of Lord Lone and the missing Empress. My editor, bless him, said if he lived in England and close by, he would write the story as I tell it, as he knows pages on the iPad is dreadful for auto correcting correct words to shear randomness. At the moment it seems to be behaving itself, I'll have to see how long it lasts.