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Posted By Babs

 Whilst I have been completing Bǎihé and the suspicious death I have been making a start on the illustrations for the prequel to Lǐwù and the teardrop stone, (I really need to come up with a title for it) I have been trying to make them look like pages from a Manga, but the only problem is I am not very good at drawing scenery around the characters or building. I have been having fun coming up with little scenes which I hope will give the reader enough to know what is happening. I just need to try and do one of the Dreamer standing in front of the Dragon to give the size difference, as Dampa is 5 feet 12 and Lèguān is around 5 feet 2 which is the average hight for a Dreamer. As the saying goes, “big things come in small packages” as they are the most powerful gods on the plant.

Once all the pencil drawing are completed I will make nice painted versions of them.


Dampa and the Dreamer

Posted By Babs

Smiley Throwing StarsI am so pleased to have Jing and Yami part three, First encounter finally completed, I remembered to include the Yūka’s band name Masaki as was well as the name of his band Climbing rose from Master Guardian Part Two. I will say it again it was odd to return to such an old story and remember the ending without no notes was pretty good going.

Kiyoshi was even impressed with the ending and said it fitted very nicely with Gādo part 2 with Yūka and his dress being mentioned in conversation with Shinma, Weisheng and Gādo.

Now I need to decide which short story to complete next as I completely missed Hisashi and Samurai. Spear and the haunted house, which should have made it 8 to finish not 6 as now it is 6 still left to do as I have said before the Jing and Yami series will be on going for as long as the Master Guardian series continues.

I was thinking over the weekend I'll take a look at the Bǎihé stories and try to get one completed.

Posted By Babs

It is great today to have another story completed, well kind off... Lets just says the reader will find out what I mean when they have read it.

Kiyoshi said it was a cool way to end it.

I am now having a look at Jing and Yami Part three, First encounter. I have to sayit is really strange going back to a year, nearly two year old story. My writing style has changed so much within that time.

 Kiyoshi, bless him, has been so kind to throw his editing skills into this old story to make it better.

Also reading it through has also helped to jog my memory  and I hope to start writhing a good ending fairly soon. It is going to be very interesting to see how it turns out.

Posted By Babs

This morning it was great to have my editor Kiyoshi go over with me the battle scene which appears in The Emperor and the hourglass Chapter four Nightfall’s battle, before I published it, because at first I was not sure weather I should include it or not 

 Kiyoshi got me to explain to him what was going to happen and told me it gave the reader good insight into Nightfall and his realm. He laughed and said, I wouldn’t mess with him as he sounds very powerful.

I agreed it shows what he is capable of and also shows his axe has a mind of its own, he never takes hold of it in the other realm, that’s why it just seems to magically appear in this realm.

Kiyoshi really likes this concept  and said he hopes I will binging Nightfall in to the final chapter.

I replied, yes, he will be making one more appearance.

Kiyoshi, Yoi, I cannot wait.

Hopefully none of you will have to wait long as I am going to try to get the ending written over the next few days.

Posted By Babs

Jumping for Joy Smiley I am so pleased to finally have the prequel to Lǐwù and the teardrop stone completed. I am yet to come up with a title for it with it being two stories in one. I’m sure I will come up with one whilst my editor and proofreader goes through them. I have also realised since writing this, The teardrop stones ending needs to be changed so I can lead it into the third and final instalment when the Father of the Gods awakens with a nagging feeling they may have done something terribly wrong and goes to consult an old friend of the family.

I will also try my best to do an interesting cover the story that will feature the gods which appear in it. Two of them are going to be quite a challenge to  do and I cannot wait to see how they turn out.


Since writing the prequel I have come to the conclusion to completely rewrite, or write a different version of Kown-Yul, Balam and bronze that will feature two races of Dragons which for some reason, I cannot remember left out, I think it came down to me not knowing the families too well, but now I have brought the Grey Dragons into a side story titled Emperor and the hourglass, (which I must complete) it is time to bring them into more of the stories with them going to be appearing along with a very rare form of Dragon in Master Guardian Part Three. I must say the plot for three is really beginning to come together, it is going to be dark, gripping and hopefully the reader will be on the edge of the seat the whole time. I am going to be making the other two as kind of side stories to the Master Guardian series, they are sort of the calm before the storm.