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Posted By Babs

Smiley Throwing StarsIt has already been a great start to the new year, I am so happy I have sold one of my butterfly bracelets. The person I sold it to could not get over the quality of all my jewellery, to say I have only started last year, he was really shocked and at the same time a little confused why it is not selling online. We came to the same conclusion the pictures don’t do the glass or stone beads any justice as they appear plastic in the photes. This got me thinking how can I prove they are 100% real? I have tried retaking the pictures on a nice sunny winters afternoon, which has helped to bring out the colours as well as make the glass sparkle. I have done a close up picture of the Fluorite beads to show they have natural imperfections. Another thing I was thinking about is asking the ones who have seen my jewellery up close to say on a post what they make of them as I feel this will also help with sales.

One thing which is a shame once the last three butterfly bracelets are sold, I will not be able to make any more with yellow and peach crackle glass beads  as the seller I brought them from has not been able to get hold of any more, I will have to see what other interesting colours I can find, so I am able to replace them