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Posted By Babs
SmileyI decided today after taking a look at the first edition of Master Guardian Part Four book 2 The Family Gathering, to scrap it and start again from scratch. As a lot of the characters attitudes and personalities have changed since I wrote it, plus I have decided I am going to be adding, Titan, Clarence and introducing for the first time Frederic, who is Gaia's second son. Tuzki Bunny EmoticonOoh this is going to be a challenge as I don't want him turning out to be just like his brother Christophe. However Smiley I do already have a rough idea what he is going to be like, I picture him very much like his father Elliot Vincent Christophe who is a very shy man and a hard worker :D
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonFinally I have completed editing Master Guardian Part Three, I am so pleased that I have been able to get the page count down from 357 to 291, I just hope now the fans like the new edit as I have included new scenes and removed ones which were no longer needed. Plus I would say it flows nicely now with the rest of the series.
Smiley I also decided to dedicate it to my dear friend and number one fan Syou as no matter how busy he has been, he has always been happy to help me with the Japanese which I am so thankful for as even now I still am not 100% correct. Smiley
Posted By Babs
Smiley I am now busy formatting Master Guardian Part One, Part Two and the 10th Anniversary edition into e-pubs so *fingers crossed* they get published on the iBookstore:)
Plus I have also been making doc formatted ones for the Kindle store, which is always great fun as I have to forget text boxes at the foot of the page and remember to place the translation at the end of the sentence, otherwise they just disappears or completely in the wrong place. XD
All this editing is begging to get to me, it's so tiring when you're doing it all on your own... SmileyBut I am slowly getting there and I hope to have them all sorted before the 18th of March. :D *wish me luck guys*
Some good news this mouth 4 copies of Memory have been brought from the iBookstore which makes me very happy, because all that hard work and frustration was well worth it in the end.
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Posted By Babs
I am slowly making my way through the New Master Guardian Part Two which I hope will be released on the 12th Anniversary 18th of March :) It is aways fun when it comes to editing my own work, I often find myself Smileypointing at the screen and laughing out loud because sometimes something makes no sense at all or auto correct has chosen completely the wrong word and I'm like what?? No, no that's not right at all *giggle* I also love to get my computer to read sections out to me, it's so funny when she tries to read the Mandarin, it's always wrong or she just misses it out completely, she does a little better with the Japanese but it's still quite often not 100% correct, I am so happy sometimes no one hears it as it's a tad embarrassing Smiley
Anyway I hope to have it all sorted before the deadline, I am on page 110 of 389 which means another 279 to go Tuzki Bunny Emoticon best get back to it.