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Posted By Babs
The race is now on between Lulu and iBooks Author. Which one will post Dampa on to iTunes first. I did Dampa to test out the IBooks Author which is an App that allows me to publish directly to iTunes, so it's going to be interesting to see what happens. I can see the App being quicker ^_^
I have also been uploading the Master Guardian ebooks on to Google Play Books which is part of Google Books for Android & Chrom OS, the moment they become available on there I will post links on the website. It is going to be nice to have the novels available for Android Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonI have been able to get Dampa completed and now Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Three The Princess is also finished. I published Dampa on twimagination and got a great comment from twimagic for the first chapter, "I think one day your books will be cinematized. Your stories are very vivid, picturesque and strong!" Smiley "I replied with Thank you and yeah I think they would make quite good Anime's ^_^"
It's really nice when someone says that about my work, it makes me very happy. I have since posted the second chapter on there and just hope twimagic has a box of tissues to hand, I'm not going to say why :)
I will also be posting Lǐwù Shao Part Three on there over the weekend after it has been through it's final checks and it will also be published in the short story section on the website which might be getting split into two pages so that the stories which are related to the Tales of Lord Lone series are on their own page with more of his stories still to come.
Posted By Babs
I am slowly getting better, I wasn't able to work for two weeks because of the nasty virus. It's nice to be slowly getting back to it and over the weekend I was able to do the front cover for Lǐwù Part Three which I have posted in the gallery, the fans who have seen it in the Official Master Guardian group on Facebook have said it's very beautiful and I have done a great job, which makes me very happy as I never good at drawing women Smiley Even I am pleased with the way she has turned out.
I also placed in the gallery two drawings I did for Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Two The Mystery Mushrooms which I did not post in the group as I wanted them to be a surprise to the readers as they were really hard to do with the character sitting down. Sitting positions are just a nightmare to get right, it's the creasing of the clothes which I find really hard to get right. I will have to see what the fans make of them.
Whilst I am still recovering DR21 Publishing decided to publish Dampa Long Li as I am yet to complete Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Three The Princess, Tales of Lord Lone Part 7 and Master Guardian Part Four book2 Family Gathering. Hopefully now I am getting better I will be able to crack on with them.
Posted By Babs
I have been making a slow start on Jinsong Lǐwù Shao Part Three The Princess, but my mind has not really been in it due to me having a really bad cold and cough Emoticon I have been suffering all week with it and I have been trying not to let it win, but it's has and I have had to take some time away from the computer to recover. I am slowly on the mend, however, I still have an annoying cough which is keeping me awake at night -_- I will keep battling this cold so I can hopefully get back to work before the week is out and complete Master Guardian Part Four Book Two Family Gathering which is one creepy scene away from the end, let's just say I will not be writing it at night :)
Posted By Babs
I have written a short story which is based on Longwei's dear uncle Dampa Long Li, who was the first Dragon to introduce himself to the mortals. But I am undecided about publishing it before I have completed the Family Gathering. However, it does help to explain what happened to him in more detail. I am going to put it to the fans and this is my drawing him which I have used for the front cover. Dampa