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Posted By Babs

SmileyFilling my editor Kiyoshi (Kei) request to write a back story on Kobayashi Hinata, this week I began working on the story Smiley and over the weekend I have done a drawing of them together. I have to say trying to make sure they not only look alike but keeping Hinata looking no more then around 8 years old was a real challengeSmiley, again I had help from my fans with regards to Kiri ryū’s (Hinata’s dad) eyes and hand, which I appreciate a lotSmiley.

I’m very pleased with the way they have turned out as I’m not good at drawing people hugging and I am thinking about doing a colour version.

Hinata and his dad

Posted By Babs

I have recovered from my virus, still got a bit of a cough and feeling like I haven’t got much energy. However, I am back to work on Lone Lone Part 8 which is turning into quite a dramatic story,Smiley I'm not going to say anything else.

You may have seen there is now a digital art book available on iBooks which contains 25 of my most recent drawings and I have added a bit of info on each character like birth, hight and where they are from. Also there is a paperback version of Lord Lone and the missing Empress available through the store and lulu, which means after this weekend the version that is on penana will be deleted and replaced with just Boredom first chapter.

Please if you have read any of the short stories leave your feedback on the comments page of the new website as it would be nice to hear what you think of the story.

Smiley(笑) (恥ずかしがり屋) My editor Kiyoshi has asked me to do a back story on Kobayashi Hinata, as he would like to know more about him, when it’s done I will be posting it on penana for everyone to see.

Posted By Babs

For the past week I have been suffering with a bad virus which made me feel like I had no energy Emoticon

When I have been feeling OK, but still haven’t got the head for writingSmiley, I did drawings instead as I was thinking Xīwàng and the wish of a Prince is the only short story without a cover. I wanted it to be quite dramatic to match the story. I have even managed to paint one and the second one took two goes to get the hand right, to make it look like it is gripping the Prince's shoulder. I have to be honest I hate drawing hands and earsSmiley, to me they are so hard to get right. With regards to the hand I got some nice feedback from a fan which helped me try again and another fan helped me with the Princes hair to make it look more natural.Smiley

I am slowly getting better and hope to continue working on Tales of Lord Lone Chéng Part 8.

Coloured Xiwang & the princeXiwang & prince

Posted By Babs

Because some my fans are not on Facebook or twitter they don’t get the auto message when I have posted a story on, which got me thinkingSmiley, there must be an easer way than me emailing them all the time and I came up with the idea of making a website dedicated to the free short stories, that way they are all in one place with nice buttons that link the reader directly to the story on penana.

I have posted this little button Bookworm Smiley on and home pages this will also take you directly to the new website.