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Posted By Babs

It is so great to finally have Book 2 of the trilogy completed.

My editorKiyoshi has been an absolute re-going through the entire book again after I retrieved an unedited version from iCloud, and in doing so he spotted some inconsistencies which he had not spotted before, where either the character only appears in one scene to never be seen again or were meant to be arriving but then never did. I think he has done a great job at blending the scenes so they fit better with the whole story and we decided the Huojin scene, has opened the doors to a possibly of a new side story. I was going to see what my proofreader says after she has read it, if there is a need to.

The short story I was working on before the little crisis I had with my laptop, The Storm has developed into two stories the second one is titled The missing prince or it might get changed to The vanished prince. Once that one is completed it will be handed to Kiyoshi to go through before being passed on the proofreader. It is going to be interesting to see what they both make of it and to find out if it is any good.


I will also be posting the final part of Hidden secret on Litnet, I am planning on starting to post other never before published stories on there to see what reaction they will receive as like I have said before they could be way better than I think they are.


Posted By Babs

It is such a relief to know I have not lost any of most recent work, then came that sinking feeling I might have lost one of the side stories which is connected to the trilogy, then it dawned  on me I had sent a copy to my editor to be checked, and sure enough there it was in an email to him, I am so pleased as that one was a real challenge to write and I have to say it was also one of those stories which could never be written again.


I am also making nice progress on a new ending to trilogy book two, in away it is nice to making a new ending as the previous one I thought was too long winded, this one is much better and hopefully will flow in to the next book better as well. I will not be starting the final story any time soon as I feel I need to get the series noticed more before continuing and I have realised there is a mistake in the current Master Guardian Book Two, I have made out that Ryṹ is an only child, when in fact he is not for he has 6 brothers, I remembered this after I found a very old story titled Hidden Secret, the first part is now available on litnet, so I will be updating part two to mach and make a note on the whiteboard so that this mistake does not happen again. I shouldn't have so many characters to keep track of, I am bound to get them mixed up.


I am also hoping soon people will begin to ask me for the next part of a story like for example, The adventures of Bǎihé and Liúxīng as there is still more to come.

Posted By Babs

I had a bit of a crisis moment yesterday, whilst I was trying out Anv Soft Banner Maker, when I tried to either save or view the banner I had created it deleted everything on my desktop, suddenly all my work was gone. Thankfully I have been able to rescue all of my content from my backup drive and iCloud, the only things which seem to be missing was the trilogy, but I remembered I had given book one in PDF form to my proofreader and majority of book two was in the bin on iCloud, but it is missing the ending, which is not a great loss as I’m sure it will come back to me when I have gone through it. I cannot believe a program straight from Apples own App Store could have done so much damage. It has made me think about making sure my laptop is backed up more and I am considering making sure there are copies of the books in the Documents folder, that way I know I will always have a back up of them. I am also so pleased I set PDF’s of the most resent short stories, Dampa, Misty mountain secret and The Battle Against Day Walkers to my editor and proofreader, all I will need to do is redo their corrections, which is not a big deal. I am just so relieved it could have been far worse.


Happy Chinese New Year.