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Posted By Babs
It is good to have friends who are happy to help me with my little Demon, I don't know what I would do without them :) A good friend of mine went through Part One and she found the best spelling mistake "aromatically" (laugh) it is meant to be "automatically" it just goes to shows writing late at night is not always for the best XD and it has made me not burn the midnight oil so much, but it's hard when the ideas always seem to come in the early hours, when I am meant to be tucked up in bed :D
Posted By Babs
I could not believe when I woke up this morning it was the first of March O.o where did February go? (laugh) Time seems to have passed me by, not surprising when I have been working extremely long hours in the day on Part 4, then working long into the night sorting out Part 3, which has been fun especially when I come across a sentences which make no sense, I just sit back and think what time was I writing that? (pointing my hand at the screen) As it is clear I was falling to sleep at the keyboard (laugh) I have also been rewriting in my brakes the Tales of Kizoku Tenjoteni na (Lord Celestial) which are in Part Two and posting them for the fans in the Official Master Guardian group on Facebook, still got the third one to find, however, it is beginning to look like I am going to have to write it from scratch as it is nowhere to be found :( Despite all of this and the long hours plus so far one hiccup missing out a crucial scene in P4 and thank goodness I found I can place it into the scene I am currently working on (wipe my brow) as it cannot be published without it, I also have the ending already written and waiting to be placed in :D which came to me, like so much of Guardian in the middle of the night when I should be tucked up in bed (laugh) I also cannot believe come 4th of March Master Guardian will be 10 years old, however I have been writing him for 11 years. To celebrate this I hope to be launching next month a 10th Anniversary addition of Master Guardian Part One which will include Part Two :D