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Posted By Babs
Smiley I thought I would give you all an update, with regards to the new version of the Family Gathering, it is coming along great and I am still thinking about releasing it as a side story rather than part of the main story... but I will wait until I have completed it. I have been adding to it illustrations of Gabriel and one of his mother Alexander, they look really nice with the text going around them, shame I will have to remove them for the ebook version.
I have been having great fun brushing up on my French and Greek for some of the characters ^^ plus the two new characters, Vincent and Frederic are also turning out well too, they have both been quite a challenge :) Here is a bit of a scene which I enjoyed writing as it's always fun to describe a two year olds mischief *giggle*:

Everyone looks to Lone when he releases a sharp, “Aaah!” and says, “Non.”
Christophe quickly asks, “What’s he doing?”
Lone tilts his head back and replies, “He’s only trying to get my mask off.”
Guardian gently takes hold of Elliot’s hand and shakes his head.
Christophe quickly walks on his knees over to the settee, picks Elliot up and says in French, “Come and play with your toys, hmm.”
Lone adjusts his mask and says, “It’s all right young one, he is just being curious.”
“I know, but the last thing you would want is for my son to remove it.”
Lone shakes his head and replies, “I would have been all right with it, as it has been removed plenty of times by Shouwei.”Elliot
My drawing of baby Elliot, he just loves playing hide and seek behind his great, great aunty Brandon's curtains.
Posted By Babs
It is so nice to have Part One, Part Two, 10th Anniversary and Part Three, now available on the Kindle Store :)
I am still waiting for them to appear on the iBookstoreTuzki Bunny Emoticon I ask my fans to please be patient as it could take up to 2 weeks before they are showing along side Memory. The moment they appear I will announce it as I too cannot wait to be finally going Smiley*giggle* It's going to be so great to see them on there as Memory has been doing very well despite it only being a short, I am so pleased with its success and I hope it continues to be popular ^_^
In other news, I asked my fan who I dedicated the Yaoi to, "Would you like me to continue it?" and he said, "Yes," which has made me very happy and I told him, "Then I will just for you as I do like writing it. There is just one more to come I think..." Smiley There might be a fourth one or more, it's all down to my fan, if he continues to enjoy it ^^
Posted By Babs
My new drawing of Guardian to celebrate 12 years in the making :)
Wow tomorrow it will be Guardian's BirthdayTuzki Bunny Emoticon I still cannot believe 12 years have passed by since I brought my little Demon to life :D and some of my fans are shocked that I have been writing the series that long.
One of my fans said, "I certainly couldn't do that."
I replied, "I bet you could if you put your mind to it sweetie :)" which he went on to say "Maybe, but I don't think I have the patience." and I replied, "I understand what you mean, but it's not about patience, it's more about how dedicated you are to the characters, I am so happy I invented my little Demon and his large family as it's great fun taking a brake from the main story and going on to one of the tales."
He nodded and said, "Hm, you do have a point there."
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonIt came from the heart I am so proud that I have finally come up with a character which I am so happy with, or should that be characters *goggle* all 21 main characters and 12 or more side characters as I love writing the side stories just as much as the main story, manly because they have sometimes been quite a challenge which has been a little frustrating, but always so rewarding in the end when my fans tell me they really enjoyed the history which went into ^_^ Or they have been very emotional, especially Tales of Fedor Aristaios Kontos Part Four, when Alric visits his mothers home in Kyoto for the first time... it become so overwhelming to write how much he missed his dear mother Copernicus... even mow it still brings tears to my eyes. Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon-sigh- Since Thursday (08/03/12) I have been waiting for the links for the New Part Two and 10th Anniversary to render for the iBookstore as every time I click on them it says, "The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store." I am also hoping that Part One and Part Three will (fingers crossed) soon follow..... I am so pleased to finally have some more of my work going to be available on there soon and I hope the links get sorted before launch date, which is next Sunday Smiley Oh my goodness that has come around quick, it's still hard to believe that I have been writing the Master Guardian series for 12 years and it's great to see that my inspiration is still going strong :)
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
It is such a great feeling knowing after a year of trill and error I have finally cracked the epub problem.
I can relax for the rest of this month and begin to sort through the huge Part Four. I have decided to make Mystery Manor a side story rather than placing it with the rest as I feel it can stan alone. The same has to be said for the ending that too can be a side story which is connected to the series.
I am already enjoying rewriting Part Four, book two: The Family Gathering, it's great fun again to be trying to describe two year old Elliot, speaking the only way he can in a series of noises and occasionally a word will pop out like balle and Ma, plus I have him saying Solé, mère when he should be saying "Désolé arrière grand-mère" (sorry great grandmother) XD
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonWith a little encouragement from a good friend who likes to read Yaoi, I decided to launch Feng-Li Shao. Lascivious Part One & Part Two especially for him and create a After Dark short story section on the website. It is going to be interesting to see what the rest of the fans make of it :) I myself have enjoyed writing it and once I have had some feedback I might consider continuing it XD