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Posted By Babs
This morning after the mic stand arrived, I decided to do a podcast of the opening to The Battle to save The Golden Age of the Demons. Gosh I was so nervous, I think it is noticeable in my voice Smiley. I hope you all enjoy it.
Posted By Babs
I am so pleased the Mic arrived today ^_^
Right now it is up to you the fans, what would you like me to read for the test run, so that you can all hear how it sounds, which by the way, is very nice, it picks up my soft voice very well. *giggle* I am going to be like this Emoticon when I read something as it is so nerve-racking. But it is going to be so nice to be able to do podcasts of the books and once it is all sorted, I will start with Part One, unless there is a story a fan would really like to hear me read? Which I am happy to do :)
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonI have finally been able to order a nice studio USB condenser microphone for when I do a podcast of one of the novels. *giggle* I am going to be Smiley Hiding Behind Sofa after I do a new one as I get so nervous...
I was going to ask the fans, what would they like to hear me read for the test run? Before I start on one of the novels. As I am happy to read their favourite scene or part of their favourite novel Smiley I am going all shy now...
*cough* I will keep you all posted and I will let you all know when I am going to do the podcast :D
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonI had a great time over the weekend reformatting Part Four for Kindle as the drawings were not in the right place and none of speech or new scenes were indented, I had to go through all 388 pages and set the margin to the right place and make sure all the drawings were set at the end of a line of text other wise it would either split a word in half or made the text after it huge for no reason.
I still cannot believe I managed to get it all sorted in one weekend. I just Emoticonrested on Monday and was back to work on Tuesday on Tales of Fedor Part Five, which is about two scenes from the end. I did this quick sketch on Friday 1st March of Alric & Hisashi lying together. I am going to be having another go as it has not come out quite right.Alric & Hisashi