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Posted By Babs

A feeling of awkwardness has come over me after a friend of the family who has not read any of my work asked to buy one of my paperbacks, as he does not like to shop online. That  left me going ah problem, I don’t have any to hand as it’s been a while since I’ve had to get some in and what to chose, novel or short story as he didn’t specify, so I thought I will allow him to make that choice and got a copy of Master Guardian Part One, Lord Lone and the missing Empress and Dampa Long Li, featuring The mystery pyramids which is exclusive to Amazon. Whilst I am waiting for them to arrive I printed off one of the free short stories, Emperor Sujin and the mouse, so he can get a feel of my style of writing as I know from experience not everyone can get on with precent tense and third person.

Posted By Babs

I have spent most of this week drawing a picture for an up and coming scene in Kwon-Yul and the Bronze which might be changed yet to Kwon-Yul, Balam and the BronzeSmiley

It has taken three attempts to get it right so that Balam is looking all surprised by the man bowing at his gorgeous feet. It all started with this one, Balam1

then I drew number 2

Balam2and the last one.Balam3 

However, number 3 has had an edit to make him look more shocked and not just about to sweep his hair back, plus his hair wasn’t looking like he has just got up which it does now. 


I have to say it has been great fun getting this drawing right to make it look like he could be saying, “What are you doing?!”

Posted By Babs

I have spent the day drawing a new character who will be appearing in Kwon-Yul and the Bronze, SmileyI don’t want to spoil anything, so all I am going to say is I am pleased with the way he has turned out and let’s see how many of you can guess which family of gods he is fromSmiley
New character

Posted By Babs

Smiley I am back woking on Kwon-Yul and the bronze, I just had to put it to one side for a bit whilst I Smileybrushed up on my Korean history with it being set in the Mumun pottery period (Bronze Age). I have to say it has been a real challenge and kind of odd to base a story entirely before Lord Lone was even born, twice I have found myself writing a scene with him in, then I’m going, “What am I doing?Smiley” laugh. Sometimes I was able to change the name to either Longwei, Bojing or one of his sons which was great, but in some cases I have had to delete the scene and start again.

I have also taken the time to draw a lovely picture of Dorjee Long Li, I am so pleased with the way he has turned out, he’s looking quite striking and very


Posted By Babs

I have been keeping an eye on the National Short Story Competition homepage and saw on their tweets, “Long list due during April,” it will be interesting to see if one of the three stories which I summited makes it on to that list. Just thinking about it makes me nervous.Smiley