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Posted By Babs


A fortnight ago I made the decision to completely rewrite Master Guardian Part One, after my editor and I were looking at the iBook version of the Anniversary, both of us came to the same conclusion one it is not very gripping from the word go, two the village name was hard for my none English readers to pronounced so it has been changed to Rìluò (Sunset) Village. We also noticed it no longer fitted with not only the side stories but also the trilogy, as my writing stile has dramatically improved since I wrote that old version. One thing I did confess to him, even I find that old version hard to read and I’m the one who wrote it, that’s not a good sign

This new version I decided put in all the crystals the gods use to aide their abilities, also a crystal is sometime what a guardian of the other realm would give them. Dreamers use certain crystals in the stories to detect from spirits to Demons, readers will know this from the side stories.

Now it is completed I have handed it over to my editor and proofreaders, I am so glad this time around I have three more people reading it as this will give me a wider review and more feedback before I go ahead and publish it.

Whilst they are going through it I am currently working on a rewrite of part two as it has dawned on us Josh should not be in the car with the others because Annihilation Deities are incredibly heavy and there is no way a K Class little people carrier would withstand his weight. This has made me relook at the old notes of his character, and found something I have never put in before, he not only runs everywhere at incredible speed, but he also has help from something which Kiyoshi was not expecting to read and just said, all excited oh yeah you’ve got to put it in. So that is what I am doing. Another thing is it should not be Josh dealing with the Demon that should be Yiska as Dreamers are the only ones who are capable of getting rid of such things as my fans will know from the side stories.