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Posted By Babs
I am so pleased to have The 10th Anniversary edition published. It went out a little later than I intended, my proofreader had trouble with her PC, but she was able to get it sorted within a day and went straight back to work (the star). (shake my head) Why do things always have to go wrong when you have a deadline to meet? It is so nice to see it up on my website, I can now take a little rest before I carry on with the final scene in Part Four. :)
Posted By Babs
I tried everything to get my Mac and my all in one printer talking to each other, but no matter what I did I just could not solve the problem, so in the end I plugged the printer into my media box which is Linux based and they where happy chatting to each other and I spent the afternoon scanning in pictures :) I took the pic of Shukou Narsus-san and worked on him in Gimp for four days and three nights and here is the completed picture :D Narsus
Posted By Babs
I decided a week ago to postpone the launch of Part Three until later in the year, to give myself time to complete Part Four and to get the 10th Anniversary edition of Part One which will include Part Two out sometime this month. I was finding it really hard to be sorting out three novels all at the same time, the late nights were beginning to get to me, I was feeling really run down and my creative flow was slowly slipping away which was not good with me being so close to completing Part Four, a decision had to be made and I am so glad I have given myself a longer deadline :D I took a rest and now my creative flow is back to 100% XD