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Posted By Babs
In the early hours of this morning I started to write Tales of Lord Lone Part 6. Continuing on from where it left off in Part 5, the book burnings of all the classic works which took place in 213 BC. Even Xing is not safe from the Emperor of China's army, who come looking for the condemned books. It is going to be great to get The Order involved in this as Longwei (Father of the Gods) will not stand for it and the army will soon come to realise why he is feared by Qin Shi Huang.
Even Lady Fa- Ying will put her own life in danger to save her people, she is not afraid to stand up to the army or the Emperor.
I hope to also include the search for the Elixir of life as that is going to be so much fun as like I have said Lone and Fa-Ying's reactions are going to be just awesomeSmiley
Posted By Babs
So pleased to have edited Part Three within 5 days Smiley Let me count that again... Wow yep 5 days, that was fast (笑) I feel like I could drop off Emoticon so tired...
I also managed to get it down to 222 pages as a lot of it was not needed and I hope in the re-edit Gayth, comes across as someone with some humour as I felt he come over a little too stuck up, Smiley that's not Gayth.
I also redesigned the cover for the ebook version,

I hope the fans like it? Smiley
I have no idea when it will be updated on the iBookstore, but I can tell you it will be available on Kindle sometime over the weekend. The moment it appears on the UK and Japan stores I will repost the links on the e-book page. There is also a PDF version available in the Official Web- store.

I think I have to thank my inspiration, KISAKI, I could not have done it so quickly without your solo albums playing the background Smiley
Posted By Babs
Smiley I have made a start in re-editing Master Guardian Part Three, after I referred back to it for Tales of Fedor Part 5 and noticed quite a few mistakes and some bits no longer fit with the rest of the series. I feel really bad Smiley I did not check it through that one last time before I published it.
I deeply apologise and I hope the fans won't mind me launching a seconded edition, which I hope will turn out better than fist edition.
I also give myself a slap on the wrist for rushing it out, I should have left it for a month, then went back to it with fresh eyes, then this would not have happened. Smiley
Again I deeply apologise.
Posted By Babs
I thought today instead of trying to fit everything into the final chapter of Tales of Fedor Part Five Book 2 which will make it way too big for a shot story, I will write a 6th one and set it when he is being pulled back to Japan by Hisashi and the fans who have read Tales of Kízòku Tenjoteki na, will know why Smiley I never like to give the ending of stories away.

I am going to write the next Tales of Lord Lone, setting it when Qin Shihuangdi is searching for the elixir of life so that he can become immortal, I am going to have him personally such The Order after he has sent people to Mount Penglai who do not return as he believes the Dragons are hiding the elixir. It is going to be quite a funny story as everyone in Xion (Fuxin) will just be giggling behind his back and Lone will be asking him why he wants to become immortal, and Lone's reaction is just going to brilliant. ^_^
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonI thought I should explain what has happened with regards to Tales of Fedor Part Five. I suddenly realised this morning I have made a mistake with in it.... Lone does not meet Hisashi, until when the Tales of Kízòku Tenjoteki na are set... I have spent the morning digging through the final chapter and changing all the parts Lone is in, in book 1 to Huojin, Fēng-Li's brother as he has not appeared in the series.
I guess the lesson here is to never rush into a story and make sure I have the notes to hand of which characters don't meet them until much later. Also have the scene in Master Guardia Part Two up on the wall when he is telling Shinma the fist time he met Hisashi.
Oh well mistakes happen Tuzki Bunny Emoticon at least it can be fixed :)