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Posted By Babs


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It was so great to see this morning Dampa has gone FREE on all Kindle sites which are listed on the E-book page. It is only a 5 day promotion which was not an easy process to get as the price had to be incase to $2.99 for 12 hours only then was it possible to select the Free book Promotions button. DR21 Publishing is going to look after the 5 days are up to see if it can be selected again for another 5 days :)

Posted By Babs

Butterfly-with-Japan-flag.jpgI thought I should explain the butterfly which has now appeared next to Dampa in the short story scetion, it repersents iTunes Japan when clicked it takes you directly to the store. KISAKI gave me the inspiration with him having one on his chest.  Smiley

Posted By Babs
I made an interesting discovery today Dampa Long Li is now available on iBooks Japan Smiley He has been on there since February 21, 2014 when I used ibooks author to publish him. This is so cool, I think I will use that little app again to get the rest on there, after I have found out from the Jfans if they can purchase him from the store. Smiley
Posted By Babs
Just to let everyone know you can find all 7 Master Guardian e-books available to purchase on the following Amazon Kindle sites. Canada America Australia India Germany France Spain Italy Brizil Mexico

This list has also been added to the e-book page in the side bar.
Posted By Babs
I am really pleased to see that Dampa and Memory are now available for free on Lulu and iBooks. It has also been great to see that someone on Amazon Japan has given Master Guardian Part One a five star rating plus a nice comment and the same person has also gave Dampa a five star rating. This also makes me very happy and hopes other people who have brought the stories to do the same as feedback is greatly appreciated. Smiley