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Posted By Babs

Last weekend I painted The unknown lady The unknown lady

I am so pleased with the way she has turned out.

This weekend I hope to paint this one of Hae-Won the jewellery maker and her son.


I have to admit I still don’t like drawing babies, as it’s hard to get their proportions right and placing the parents arms around them right, is also tricky. But I think I have done all right with them both and they are going to look great painted. I will post the finished picture in my next blog :D


Posted By Babs

Today I whilst I had some nice sunny weather I decided to do the last of the paintings for Kwon-Yul, Balam and the bronze. I thought I would start off with the easiest two and leave The unknown lady till last as I cannot decide what colour to do her robe, plus I wanted to get the skin tone right with her not being a god and I think I’ve achieved it with Huang Fu.

Huang Fu2

Balam & Huang Fu

I have to say I am very pleased with the way they have turned outSmiley


Posted By Babs

I realised today I am writing the final sceneof Kwon-Yul, Balam and the Bronze. In a way it is sad that it is coming to the end, but at the same time it is nice to finally getting the story completed, it has taken a year of research before I even made a start and a further 10 months to write. I have to say it feels longer then that as it has not been easy with it featuring new characters, plus I don’t know anything about Korean history before the Three Kingdoms (57 BC to 668 AD), and this story is set in the later part of the Middle Mumun (700-550 BC) so I’ve had to do a lot of reading even whilst I have been creating it. I have also had great fun drawing the pictures which can be seen in my previous blogs.

Posted By Babs

Today I decided to have another go at drawing Huang Fu and The unknown lady. I am very pleased with the way they have turned out. Huang Fu is looking more dramatic and The unknown lady I feel looks like she has or about to wipe her eyes. I will make a start on painting Huang Fu this weekend.Huang FuThe unknown lady

Posted By Babs

I have managed to paint the two new drawings which will be appearing on the back of Kwon-Yul, Balam and the bronze, Painted drawings

along with this young man Huang Fu :D

New sketch

I am still not that good at doing faces at a slight angle or looking slightly troubled, but with practice I might get it right. I think I am getting better at putting folds into the clothing which I also find quite difficult especially when it comes to traditional Chinese clothing as there is a lot of material involved, but I can see with each one I do I am getting better.