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Posted By Babs
It's great thinking what can a one year old Dragon Demon do compared to a mortal child at the same age, well for starters the Dragon will be bigger, stronger and capable of producing hot breath every time he burps or hiccups, rendering his blanket to a pile of ash in a matter of seconds. They are a lot hotter to the touch than a mortal child, capable of climbing shear walls and a large bolder is also no trouble for a Dragon as he will just climb over it.
I have been having so much fun trying to describe baby Shèngji-Li, who is nearly one, he is beginning to have a thing for cats, climbing trees or anything which he can get his little claws into. He also likes to play ball with his older brother Jing and is only saying a few words. I have drawn a sweet image of him with his dad Xuĕ, playing with the cats in the courtyard of The Dragon Order
Xuĕ and Shèngji
Posted By Babs
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I was updating the gallery this morning and it is amazing to see how much my artwork has improved over the past two years. Looking at some of the ones I did back in 2011 they are not at such good quality to what I am producing now. It just goes to show back then how out of practice I was as I had not drawn in years, Smiley I am going to keep it up from now on so that does not happen again, plus I like to draw the characters from the series, but one thing I don't like to do much of are babies and children, oh and women, I find them quite a challenge to do ^_^ but I am pleased with the way they turn out in the end and I still think this one of Elliot with his aunty Frederic
Frederic and baby Elliot
is the best I have ever done :)
Posted By Babs
I cannot believe it is May already, gosh I have been so busy writing Tales of Lord Lone Part 6. I am really enjoying writing it manly because it is nice to be back in a period in China's history which I know too much about, the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). Oh it is so much fun giving the history a bit of a twist in order to fit in the Shao family and The Dragon Order.
It is great to back with Longwei, who on a number of occasions will make the Emperor of China feel very small. It's fun imagining him standing in the palace and the Emperor performing Kowtow and unable to speakSmiley It is also nice to be back with Fa-Ying, Zemin and Prince Fusu, who is very against what his father is doing and keeps The Order up to date on what his father is planning to next even though it could cost him his life.