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Posted By Babs

My publishers and I ask this to everyone who has read any of the short stories please could you leave a comment on the Guest Book page or here on the blog as it would be greatly appreciated to have some feedback on them, because as it stands we have no idea which ones you all enjoyed or when it's a series you cannot wait for the next instalment and what do you all think of the covers and artwork?

I look forward to reading your reviews. :)




Posted By Babs

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonIt is good to hear from DR21 Publishing, in 6-8 weeks time all being well the paperback version of 10th Anniversary will be back up on Amazon. The moment it becomes available a link will be posted on the website.

Posted By Babs

Jumping for Joy SmileyWhilst I have been writing that creeping scene in Family Gathering, I have been writing to take my mind off it before bed a little love story which I have titled XĪng-lóng's love. It came to me after I introduced the new Dragon to his son's story Lĭwù Part Four and drew this drawing of him. HengI'm still not going to reveal his name, I leave that to the fans :)

I have no idea if I will publish this little love story, as like I said I wrote it to clear my mind. However, if the fans tell me they would like to see it, then I might launch it.

Posted By Babs

Smiley It is a real mystery Dampa Long Li is back up on Kindle for FREE. DR21 Publishing are just as puzzled as I am as we have not set this one and we have no idea if this is going to be permanent or later it will be back to £0.80. All we can do is see what happens and hopefully he remains free.

Posted By Babs

Tuzki Bunny Emoticonwas so pleased to see this morning all the e-books are now available on Kobo, this makes me so happy as the books are now available to read on Android and Blackberry devices. Hopefully this will help fans who are still struggling to get hold of a copy and for reasons unknown won't contact my publishers DR21 Publishing directly for a PDF copy Smiley  they won't bite, they are always happy to help. Or take a look at the Official Master Guardian store