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Posted By Babs

I cannot believe this month is almost out. I have to say, it has been an hectic month sorting out the last of the short stories making sure all the Mandarin, Japanese and Greek were correct. However, with regards to the Master Guardian series there are still the last two novels to go throughSmiley, all together that's 681 pages to check,Smiley DR21 Publishing, have decided they are going to take their time with them, to make sure everything is perfect before they are republished.

Whilst that has been happening I have been hard at work,Smiley writing Tenjoteki na Kizoku The Lost Chapter, and it's nice to know the ending is very close. Even though it has been hard at times, I have really been enjoying writing it and researching Japan's history in 169AD. I am hoping to be able to launch it in July along with the rest of the Tenjoteki na Kizoku series.

Posted By Babs

Inuyasha Anime I have taken a little brake from The Lost Chapter as it's getting too emotional and wrote the binning to a happier short story titled Gabriel and the mystery chirping (Gabriel and the mystery guest) and posted it on a site for writers called If you would like to take a look you can go onto the site as a guest or click on the link in blue. You're welcome to post your comments here.

Bookworm Smiley

Posted By Babs

Smiley Throwing StarsToday both galleries have finally been updated to include more of my coloured drawings and the drawing of the mushrooms was added to gallery two. The new drawing of Hinata which you'll find in the Kazè family gallery, looks amazing, I am so pleased with the way that one tuned out, he's looking very handsome.

Posted By Babs

Yellow Butterfly

I am so pleased to see the Tales of Fedor Aristaios Kontos series available on iTunes, and updated on Lulu and Google play. It's nice to finally have all the short stories sorted, I can now turn my concentration back to Tales of Tenjoteki na Kizoku The lost Chapter and rest of his series.

I was shocked and pleased to see that the post which DR21 Publishing posted on their official Facebook page, informing the fans Fedor was coming to Kindle reached 92 people, this makes me very happy.