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Posted By Babs

Results of the National Short Story Competition 2016 which I entered, I didn’t get anywhere, which is not surprising as I have never entered one before and I have to say again was really hard for me to write a story based on a theme and limited to 2,000 words. I am pleased they gave me some great and interesting feedback on all 3 stories and now it is over I have them on along with the feedback at the end of each story.

Toasted Knight and DragonLol I should have written something like this knight battling a dragon and the dragon wins. 

Posted By Babs

CoverIt may have taken me three goes to do this cover for Kwon-Yul, Balam and the Bronze, but today I finally managed to get third one completed whilst the weather was nice and cool as it has been too hot to do any painting, I was finding the paint was drying in the tray bore I had even placed it to paper. 

PenI brought a fine white gloss pain marker for doing the Necrosis Deities hair and eyebrows, even though it meant to be used with what it says in the label, I think it has still done a great job on the paper. Once it is completely dry tomorrow I will scan it in.

I am so pleased with the way this one has turned out, it is looking great.


Posted By Babs

SmileyThis is a short story titled Ashliegh Spirit and Delwyn Guardian, which I have been debating for some time to weather or not to post as it shades light on Guardian’s biological family and what happened to them, which most of my fans will already know from reading Master Guardian Part Two and Battle to Save the Golden Age of the Demons. The other thing is, it quite a tragic story, which made it quite hard to write, I had a lump in my throat for most of the timeSmiley. I am thinking perhaps if you haven’t read the stories I have mentioned you might not fully understand it, I’ll just have to see what you all make of it, please post comments below.

Posted By Babs

This weekend I started to paint the new front cover for Kwon-Yul, Balam & the Bronze, I am already pleased with the way it is turning out, I’ve just got their jewellery and the shading to do. Then it’s on to the cover

Posted By Babs

Smiley Throwing StarsI still cannot believe I have completed Kwon-Yul, Balam & The Bronze, just need my editor and proofreader to go through it whilst I sort the latest of the drawings and the front cover. It is so good to have it finally completed, I have really enjoyed writing it, even when it has been a bit tough to find the information I needed to either start or complete a scene.

I have also enjoyed creating the drawings for this one as it really helped to bring the new characters to life.


I decided today to draw the front cover again after I spotted Ga-eul's (right of the picture) chin was too long in the old drawing, plus Balam (middle) looked angry in the old one when he is meant to look serious. I think now they are looking a lot better.Smiley

Front cover