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Posted By Babs

I am so pleased to be launching The Battle this weekend. I am also very happy with the way the back cover has turned out and if you follow me on Facebook you’ve probably already seen it, but I am going to be posting it here as well.

Sir Guardian and son
Now that is out of the way, the next challenge I must face is try to complete all the unfinished side stories, as well as launch a couple of new ones, the first one is going to be of Límíng wù (Lord Lone) when he was a baby and adapted by Kwon-Yul. The other is going to be about Yiska Miwok otherwise known as Gaylin Spear’s family before he was adopted by Josh in 1200. I have already had ago at drawing him and I think he’s come out looking all right, his eyes where not easy to get right with him having fourteen independent pupils. I am planning on doing a coloured version of him too.



I am yet to draw one of Kwon and baby Límíng wù, but this is the idea I have, Kwon will be holding him in his arms with his other son Dong, sitting next to him, looking at his baby brother. I just hope I’m able draw it or something like it as I’m not good at drawing babies or young children. But I’m still going to give it my best shot

Posted By Babs

It is nice to finally have Lord Lone & the missing Empress available on iBooks, I should point out the drawings aren’t the only things which have been added to each chapter, but the whole story has been tweaked by my editor to help some it flow better and he’s taken out what he calls, “unnecessary words or scenes” as a result it is slightly different to the other one which is currently on Lulu, Amazon, Creatspace and Google Play. I am planning updating these sights as well so that they too match the store which also has the new version available. The coloured images will also appear in the Kindle and Google Play versions.


The next story I am going to be updating is The Battle to save the golden age of the demons, the title is going to be shortened to just The Battle with an all new cover which is meant to represent the memorial that was placed there by Sir Guardian in honour of his son. The story itself has been changed to match with the current Master Guardian series and in the beginning it explains why they are having the battle in the first place.

The battle