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Posted By Babs

I was so pleased to discover I could place Darkness’ handwriting in to the Kindle version, it took a bit of doing but I managed it. 

Then came another problem which I had no idea if it was their converter or what was having trouble rendering some of the stresses I had on peoples names, making the line appear as nothing but this □□□□□□, to solve the issue I decided to take the stress off, which in my view made the name look quite strange, but at least the line of text was showing again.

I am still waiting for part one to appear on iBooks and Google Play once they appear I will post links. Once everything becomes available then I am going to start to really promote it. In the meantime if anyone would like a PDF of paperback copy of the story please get in touch.


Now it is all completed I have been taking a little break and started a fairy garden project which in itself is going to take months to do. I will also be getting some of the side stories completed on Litnet, for example Narsus, Gabriel and the snow bear, which I am currently  writing the next part, that might be the final part, I’ll just have to see what happens. Then I thinking about returning to The adventures of Bǎihé and Liúxīng to carry it on where is left off and also post another one in the series Liúxīng and the mysterious sword.

Then pick a short story at random and post it on there to see what people make of it, because I have so many I have started but never finished, because of one reason or another. It would be nice to know if they are good enough to continue or just terrible giggle, which I don't think they are, just not that well written.


I am also still writing and sorting the rewrite of part two which at the moment has hit a bit of a wall  as I’m not sure about a scene I have created, so I’m going to be putting what I have done so far to my editor to see what he thinks and to see where we can go from there. I’m sure together we will be able to sort it, which in turn will get things moving again