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Posted By Babs
Today Lulu informed me they are no longer supporting downloadable files for free as an option and I'm now arranging hosting so I can make it available for free again by this time next week. I am so annoyed, I cannot believe this has happened, I never wanted to charge for a 10 page story and luckily I can make the preview show the whole book so that people can still see it for free on Lulu in the mean time.
Posted By Babs
I am still very busy writing the ending of Part Four and I have decided to turn it into a short story so that it flows better into Part Five. I have also been doing a few sketches of my characters Gabriel Martinus Alric and Seth with his dog Bell, it was fun drawing a husky as I have never drawn one before :) I have also been having fun trying to describe Feng-Li Shao's traditional Chinese home or should that be palace as it is very grand in Yang Valley Fuxin, it was great that some of my fans were in the official Master Guardian Group at the time to ask them what they thought of my description and it was great when they both said it was really good, made me very happy :D Gabe
Seth and Bell