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Posted By Babs
Today I wrote and posted a story which has nothing to do with the Master Guardian series. The reason I wrote it was because I was finding myself falling Smiley asleep at my desk and waking up going, huh where was I XD so I came up with the Smiley idea to give my mind a brake from editing Part Four which I must add is really tiring and it worked, I am no lover falling asleep :D
I have really enjoyed writing it and I have only posted it on wattpad for now and hope to continue it. It is titled Deviousness It is a short story about an author who is beinging to be hunted by his own work, his name is Kumo, he is a famous Dark Fantasy writer. He has been working on his current novel for past few months and strange things begin to happen to him.
Already some of my fans have read it and informed me they really liked it, which makes me very happy :D
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonToday I am feeling much better, I am glad to be getting over that nasty virus, but it has left me with a bit of a cough :(
I am slowly getting back to work, but I am taking it easy, no more late nights, which is hard as most of my ideas come to me in the early hoursSmiley and I end up writing long into the night.
Part Four is slowly coming together, I still have 280 pages to edit, that's not going to take me long to do :D
Posted By Babs
EmoticonToday I am taking some time off to recover from a cold and cough. This is not good I keep going all hot and cold :( I hope to be better soon and get back to work on editing Part Four.
Posted By Babs
Yellow Butterfly I have been busy redesigning the website, it has taken two days and finally it is finished and looking great. I cannot wait to see what the fans make of it and see if any of them spot the changers I have made
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonI just hope they all give good feedback :)
Posted By Babs
Smiley Today I have been going through Master Guardian Part Four. Book one: The Truth is uncovered conclusion and I have to say it, it's always fun gong back to something which you have not looked at for nearly two years and realise how much the story has changed in that time. It is slowly beginning to blend in with the rest of the series. I was Smileylaughing at the beginning and saying out loud where are Darkness and Celestial, they're not in it until page 9 Smiley, no, no that won't do, they have to be in from the start and now they are.
I also noticed that there is no secret Smiley love going on between Seth and Gayth, so I am trying to put a bit of a *giggle* let's say the same atmosphere between them as it was in Part Three.
Oh I have to say it is great fun to be back describing Seth's lovely dog Bell, she is so much fun to get across to the readers and again I hope she turns out fine ^^
Out of 372 I now have 340 pagers to edit, best get back to it :D