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Posted By Babs
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Great news Master Guardian Part Four book one, has been accepted by iTunes, now comes the waiting for it to appear in the listings and I just hope it does not take as long as 10th Anniversary as that was nearly a year before it appeared Smiley It's really bad as there is already a button for it on Lulu and when you click on it, it informs it is not available on any store. I don't think they should do that until it appears in the listing as in away it is false advertising.
Anyway I will keep you all up to date and the moment it appears on with the rest on the iBookstore: I will post a link.
Posted By Babs
I have made a start today recording the audio version of Master Guardian Part One. Smiley It's really nerve racking, even though I am at home in my own little studio. However, I have noticed the more I practice the better I am sounding, plus it is great fun listing to the recording and hearing myself begin to mutter and fade away when I loose where I am on the page, even though I know the story wellSmileyit is just my bad nerves getting the better of me. So, I take a little brake and listen to KISAKI The Solitude Songs album, until I am calm, then I begin again.
Posted By Babs
I have been working all week on a side story as it dawned on me whilst I was writing Master Guardian part 4 Book2: The family gathering, I am going to be introducing a character I know very little about. I have been really enjoying bringing the character's personalty to life, it has also been interesting to have the story set in fourteenth century Japan as I don't know anything from this time as my research is all about the Kofun period (250 to 538 AD) and the Yamato court Smiley I have been finding nothing is really happing in 1300, it seems to be quiet at the moment no big battles going on, so a perfect time for my character to just relax and take in the wonderful scenery of Wakayama Bay to Nara and Kibuneguchi to Kurama in Kyoto.
I was thinking shell I reveal who this character is and then thought no let's see if you the reader, can work it out from a couple of clues.
He was boon in 700AD
Has only appeared in two other stories, but has been mentioned throughout the Master Guardian series.
If you can guess who it is, please post it in the comment box and I will let you know if you're right or not. Smiley
Posted By Babs
Gosh it has been some time since I have wrote a blog, as most of you know I have been very busy with Tales of Lord Lone Part 6, which is finished and I am now editing and I think it is going to be sometime next week when it is going to be published as I still have the drawing of Huojin to complete and add to the story. Once it all done and up for everyone to read, I going to make a start on The Family Gathering, making sure I have my French phrase book to hand Smiley it's going to be fun adapting some words for baby Elliot.

I regret to inform you all I am unable to at this time to get the audio version of Master Guardian One done, main reason is, I just don't have anywhere quiet or privet enough to record it. I get really nervous speaking my work aloud, even when I am all alone Smiley I was thinking the other day it would be cool when I am recording, to have a fan sat with me, who enjoys not just the story but my voice too.... then it dawn on me, that would be, I think most of the fans... ah who would I choose? I guess I would leave it up them to decide.
I know one day I will succeed and hopefully publish it.
I was pleased to find today the second edition of Master Guardian Part Three is up on the iBookstore, just waiting now for the new version to be updated on Amazon and the moment it is, I will post a link Smiley