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Posted By Babs

Today I managed to post the first part of Bojing and the mystery gifts and I am so pleased I was able to add two of the drawings. I cannot believe it has already had 26 reads, that’s awesome and remember if you’re not member on penana you’re welcome to post your comments below.

Posted By Babs


I have taken this weekend to draw three new drawings for a short story I am working on titled Bojing and the mystery gifts, the ones of the young lady were a challenge to get right so she didn’t come out looking like a boy, and Bojing’s hands holding the box took a few goes before I got them looking right and I have my friend Kei to thank for help, his guidance helped me to try again. I have to say even now I still find hands hard to right, but they seem to come out looking ok in the end.

I will be posting the first part of the story on soon as I am still thinking which one of the drawings to colour for the front cover or I might yet leave it back and white...

Young lady 1Young lady 2

Posted By Babs

It is great to have the paperback of Kwon-Yul, Balam & The Bronze available on the following sights Amazon, Createspace, Lulu and Offical Master Guardian store. I cannot get over how smoothly this one has gone, still waiting for it to come available on Amazon Japan, the moment it does a link posted on both websites home and short story pages.

Posted By Babs

It is so nice to have Kwon-Yul, Balam & The Bronze ready for the following sights iTunes, Kindle, Creatspace, Google Play and Lulu. By the weekend people should be able to pre-order a copy through
Amazon and iTunes, I will post links the moment they become available. Launch date is the 20th of June 2016.

Kwon-Yul cover


Posted By Babs

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to get Kwon-Yul, Balam & The Bronze to render properly on Kindle, 5 and half hours before it was perfect. I know if I wasn’t adding my beautiful illustrations it would have gone up just fine, but it would look odd without them, plus I wanted it to be the same as the paperback. 

Smiley Throwing StarsIt’s so nice to have that one out of the way and now I can now focus on sorting out a version for ibooks.