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Posted By Babs
So fair paperbacks of Master Guardian Part One and 10th Anniversary, have been reformatted, they are going to be relaunched with new covers and Interiors. Here is a preview of their new covers.

Part oneAnniversary
Posted By Babs
I have found with Lulu because the novels have been also made available to buy through Amazon they have now become locked and I am unable to revise the following paperbacks in there new format
Master Guardian Part One
Part Two
Part Three
And 10th Anniversary
Which means they will be deleted on the 20th of August, but don't panic, as I will be launching new versions to replace them :)
Posted By Babs
Message from DR21 Publishing. It has been brought to our attention come 20th of August 2013 will be discontinuing paperback formats of A5 and royal, we ask you to please be patient whilst we update all paperbacks to the new format.
Posted By Babs
What a nice surprise this morning to be informed that Master Guardian Part Four Book One was now available on the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble, Nook Books. I am so pleased and at the same time a little Smiley shocked to see it available on the iBookstore within a month as in the past it has taken a lot longer before they appeared in the listings. (笑) Could they have heard me complaining how long it takes as the button is always available long before the book is which I feel is really bad as in away it's false advertising.

When I took a look at Part Four on Barnes & Noble, Nook Books only to discover there is no description or preview available hmm... Smiley I have not missed anything, so all I can say is, I just hope it gets sorted soon.
Posted By Babs
To make it easier for everyone to see the Original handwritten version of The Battle to save The Golden Age of The Demons, DR21 Publishing decided today to publish it along side the old version in the Short story: section on the website, I hope everyone will compare it to the old version and by the way in this new version there are no translations for the Japanese, Mandarin and Korean as I never put it in.
This is the story I wanted, but it was lost when the laptop hard drive died and I had completely forgotten there was a handwritten version hidden away in the office (laugh) it's sometimes good to have a clear out, you never know what you're going to find. It was at the back of a cupboard and I just thought it was full of blank paper so I left it alone, until I thought it would be nice to use it for the side story and that's when I discovered within its thin pages was written the original Golden Age Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
I do hope the fans like this version as much as I do as I prefer it to the one I published in 2010 and I am even thinking about replacing it with this one.