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Posted By Babs

After writhing Mystery Pyramids I was inspired to Smiley write a short storywhich is set in Korea drawing the time of the Bronze Age, the main charters are 

Kwon-Yul before he had his children Dong-Yu and Lone.

Ga-eul and his father Balam

Bojing’s second son Xuě.

I hope it will turn out to be a mystery romance, without giving too much away a small quantity of bronze disappears without a trace and this story is set when Ga-eul and Xuě meet for the first time. Smiley

I have been really enjoying writing a story involving Kwon and Balam as they are my least known characters in the Master Guardian series. I have been planning to write a story with them for a long time, but didn’t know which time to set it in. At first I was thinking Three Kingdoms of Korea but that was too late, so I went further back in Korea’s history and found the Bronze Age was just right in keeping with the births of Bojing’s children as Yúnlong is 25, Xuě 21 and Yuan 15.

Posted By Babs

Smiley I have written a little story which I have titled Mystery Pyramids and posted it on, it is based on Longwei, before he gave birth to his son. It came to me when I was looking into the 10 great mystery of ancient China. I really had fun writhing it and I have left it open. If you enjoy it too, please leave a comment. Smiley

Posted By Babs

Smiley I cannot believe it, this afternoon I finally completed Lost Chapter. It will be now sent to the  proofreads, then the editor for final checks. I feel relieved and a tad sad to have completed it after four long long years. I have really enjoyed writing it, even when it has been sometimes an emotional struggle and at times a bit frustrating to be so far away from Shinwakaura, Wakayama Japan where the story is set. It would be cool, interesting and fun to go there one day and do a book walk with fans, and have me going all Smiley as I try my best describing from the story where the market would have been to Hisashi’s lovely home. But I have no idea if the fans would like to do something like that? Please could you let me know.

Posted By Babs


Today I submitted Jing and the elusive rabbit to the Costa Short Story Award Creative writing competition.Smiley

It was the only one I had which was under their limit of 4,000 words. I have no idea if it will get picked and put on to their short list,but if it does this is what will happen, Six shortlisted stories will be posted anonymously on the Costa Book Awards website  between mid-November 2015 and mid-January 2016 and the public will be asked to vote for their favourite. 

Posted By Babs

SmileyIt’s July already and I am still busy writing Lost Chapter. It is taking me a bit longer to complete than I expected, this is due to having to do so much research into Japan and China history, also not being where the story is set has contributed to the delay as there is only so much I can see with street view and all my Japanese fans live miles away from Wakayama, in away it is a good job it’s fantasy, it doesn’t have to be spot onSmiley

Even when it is completed and due to poor sales DR21 Publishing, are considering not publishing Lost Chapter until sales of the Master Guardian series picks up. Plus I feel to fully understand and appreciate this story you need to have read the Copernicus’ Travels as there is references from that trilogy coming into this story, only then will you understand why it is so hard for Alric to be walking the same path as his mother Copernicus. I came to this conclusion after I gave 10 pages to a few friends to read and just reading the first page they become quite confused to why people were thinking he was his mother returning and why Alric kept getting upset and agreed with me they needed to have read the trilogy to really understand some of the scenes because I don’t go into any real detail.