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Posted By Babs

I have to say it is good to have a editor who will take the time to sit down with me and get to know the characters, quite often Kei is asking me to give him a bit of their back story and really likes the way I give them depth and diverse personalities even when the character has no emotions. He has said above once he wouldn’t mess with Longwei with him being such a powerful god, and just his presence in the room makes you feel very small and insignificant. He has said the same could be said for Celestial and Darkness as there seems to be more behind their characters, they come across as more powerful than they are letting on.


He also likes the way I give some characters a bit of mystery for example Shinma, I haven’t reviled the extent of what has happened to him, there are a lot of questions hanging over him, like what has the villein Murakami been doing to him? Then he say, don’t tell me, don’t tell me it will spoil the surprise.

Posted By Babs

This week my editor Kei and I have been sorting out Master Guardian Part Two after my proofreader went through it and we noticed inconsistencies with the time right from the start of the story. Kei was like 14 hours to get to Japanwow that’s a bad flight, it only takes 11 hours 40 minutes.

We also realised Celestial shouldn’t be getting homesick as he has no emotions. This just made us go through the entire book and highlight anything which wasn’t right.

For example In Japan you never hand money directly to the shop assistant it always gets placed on the little tray pervaded, but with my characters being gods we were thinking the mortals will be ok to take the money directly from them. Plus the same goes for touching a stranger they can do it as the mortals would feel honoured to be patted on the arm by a god.

And the last one is the fight scene all of a sudden Guardian is all alone why isn’t Darkness and Celestial helping him Plus he also seems to have no abilities?


Together we hope to make an even better story and I might post the new fight scene, once sorted, on Penana to see what you all think of it. Once eveything is all sorted we might lauch it as an extended edition.

Posted By Babs

Whilst I was writing Master Guardian and the family gathering, the idea came to me of doing cute versions of Guardian, Darkness, Celestial, Shinma and Chris' inner thoughts as they all watch a horror film and came up with this little comic strip,


Then I added some colour to it and included Darkness and Celestial.
Coloured comicComic 2

I am so pleased with the way they have both turned out ^_^