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Posted By Babs

 It is really nice to have the side story of  Bǎihé and Liúxīng finished. All I have left to do is to paint one picture and and finishing off another, then I will be able to scan them all in and add them to story. Water Guardian

I am so pleased with the way the Water Guardian's hair turned out, it has a lovley shimmer to it which cannot be captured very well in a photo, it is going to be interesting to see how it scans, fingers crossed it will look all right.

Of course once everthing it done I will be sending the story off to my proofreader and editor to see what they think of the five mini stories. Whilst they are doing that I will be continuing to write book two of the trilogy.

Posted By Babs

I have been having fun all this week learning how to paint with these acrylic artists ink ^_^


Thanks to my editor Kiyoshi, as he uses these with his work, he told me to use fox hair brushes as I was using synthetic which do not hold the ink the same way as real hair, since I made the switch my art work has turned out amazing.  The only one ink I have stuggled with is the flesh tone, it is a real nightmare it is so frustrating to get the colour you are wanting, most of the time I thought I had mixed a nice light colour only to see it's not when it dries it looks like character have been sunburnt   After having a chat whith Kiyoshi on how best to mix it, I was so pleased I managed in the end to gave the lovely Bǎihé her soft skin tone.

 Blue Dragon
I still cannot believe the differencehow smooth they look and the level detail I can achieve when using ink is just amazing. I am going to continue using them with all my airt as I have to say they are a lot better to work with especially in hot weather they don't dry out like paint does.