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Posted By Babs
I am also holding a Master Guardian prize draw in the official Master Guardian group on facebook. The prize is a signed copy of Part One. The reason why I am holding the event is soon it will hopefully be available on Amazon marketplace. In order for it to happen I have to approve my novel which means I get a free printed copy giggle this is why I am happy to put it into a prize draw and on the day 01 October I will place the names of the ones who answered one of my questions correctly into a hat, giving it a shake and pulling one out, it's going to be fun having everyone in the group waiting in anticipation for me to post the name of the winner :D
Posted By Babs
Tales of Celest
On the 02 September I will be launching Tales of Kízòku Teńjōteki na Collection, limited edition. It includes illustrations of Watanabe Kioshi-san, General Hidaka, Kaze Ryu- san and Kízòku Teńjōteki na. I will also be holding a small privet event in the official Master Guardian on facebook. I cannot wait to see what they all make of it :D
Posted By Babs
It was great last night chatting to one of my fans who lives in the USA, she came up with a great idea for the Official Master Guardian on facebook a Master Guardian Costume Contest, to be held on Halloween, we decided with all the fans being all over the world, there won't be a prize it's just for fun. It's going to be very interesting to see who they come dressed as :D I of course will be attending as my little Demon, with him being based on me giggle. I am just so pleased to have fans like this who love the stories that much they want to dress up as their favourite character :D
Posted By Babs
I cannot believe the response I am getting from fans with regards to my home made badge they all would like one and they all would like me to launch the Master Guardian teddy :) I hope to be able to sort out the website this weekend so it has an official Master Guardian Store :D. I also had a T-shirt made for myself to promote the website it was expensive and I hope to find somewhere cheaper so that all the fans can have one too :) I have also been writing the first Tales of Fedor, and really enjoying it, I just love writing Fedor (Darkness), because he has quite a challenging attitude and he is never what you would call happy. I hope to complete sometime next week :D
Posted By Babs
I cannot get over how many hits I have had in less than a month, it is so cool to see it's now showing 1136, it makes me so happy :) I would like to take this moment to say thanks everyone for your continuing support it is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave comments ^0^/ I wonder if it will hit 2000 before part 3 is launched :D