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Posted By Babs

The editor has gone through Lost Chapter and was a bit disappointed that there was no mad autocorrects which made him laugh out loud and go what?!Smiley Madly pointing at the screen. 

This is because I have gone back to using an older version of Pages and tried not to write too much of it on the iPad as the autocorrect is just at times a nightmare on there, it has a real habit of changing correct words into something very strange. He really enjoyed every minute of the story and said with its fast pace he didn’t realise he had checked 126 pages within two days. He also said a few times it had him reaching for the tissuesSmiley

The story will now go back to the proofreader to see if she also likes his changes, before it is published on the 23rd of September.

Posted By Babs

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonIt is always nice to see great feedback from a fan and I cannot thank Julia enough for taking the time to post her experience with regards to buying through the official store, she even took the time to place it in the guestbook on, thanks again for your kind feedback ^_^.

Here is a link to my publisher's blog to see what Julia said: DR21 Publishing official blog 

Posted By Babs

SmileyI am going around in a bit daze and shocked after it dawned on me Lost Chapter is the 40th story I have completed, since I started writing the Master Guardian series 15 years ago. I feel quite proud to have written that many in such a short space of time.Smiley

There is a preview of Lost Chapter available on my publishers blog

Posted By Babs

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonToday I completed a new painting which might be used for the front cover of the short story which I am currently working on. I am still yet to give it a title I was thinking about calling it Kown-Yul and the disappearing cart of Bronze, but that seems a bit long, how's about Kwon-Yul and the disappearing Bronze?Smiley

I am so pleased with the way the painting has turned out as I have never tried anything like this before with the main character standing at the front with the rest of the cast behind him. Starting from the right to the left, Ga-eul, his dad Balam, Kown is the one standing and Xuě on the left.