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Posted By Babs

I cannot believe today I began writhing Hisashi’s family house scene in the new Master Guardian Part Two which lies in the mountains between Waka Park and Wakaura Tenman-gū Shrine 和歌浦天満宮 in Shinwakaura 新和歌浦 Wakayama. (Where the star is on the map)MapThis means I am getting close the the end, I might yet get this novel finished before the end of September. I am still really enjoying writing this new version and to keep myself on track with scenes I have made sure to write them on a whiteboard. This time around I have also been taking the time to check what the weather would be like in this part of Japan in October, it is nice and warm with temperatures from around 21c to 23c and at night it is not too cold 12c to 14c, but with being quite a wet month I’ll need to keep an eye on the humidity too high and too much moisture is not good for Guardian’s breathing problems.

Posted By Babs


I have spent the biggest part of this week reaching the keyhole tombs which lie in Nara, and Osaka Japan for the New Master Guardian Part Two. With my editor Kei’s help, we have been trying to make the emperors of old sound more real as most of their tombs where built in Celestial’s time and he would have known the royal family quite well with him being a god watching over Japan alongside the Dragons. I have found this time around there is now more info on them, but we were both laughing at how long some of the emperors meant to have lived between 150 to 284AD and with both of us having the knowledge of how long people lived back then, we decided to give the emperors more of realistic lifespans in which they don’t out live their children. I really find the keyhole shape tombs fascinating as they have a bit of mystery about them and I have to say it would have been easer to write the scene if I was there at one of the sites as they are truly remarkable pieces of history. They really peak my imagination for Celestial and it’s fun to picture him watching Emperor Nintoku’s tomb take shape and not being too pleased about it.


I have really enjoyed writing the scene from different approach this time, and hope it will keep the reader glued to the page.