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Posted By Babs

Chinese theatrelittle room

Because I do not have the room for a hobby which I have always wished I was able to do, is to build little houses, shops and single rooms. I thought  I know I will make it my character Chris' hobby as I can see him being into something like this, with him being a very quiet, patience and skilled young man when it comes to making fine jewellery. In the story I have Chris customising them, which is also something I would do when faced with one which is all pink and flowery I would give it a more tasteful appearance. 

Pink roomCoffee shop

I have made my own dolls house in the past, with lighting and everything, but the lack of room makes it really hard to show it off, and it is just left in a corner collecting dust  That's why I would like to do these instead as they are a lot smaller and can be placed easily on a shelf, which I have Chris doing in the story and has rigged up the lights to wall switches which will look really sweet.

Posted By Babs

Why did I have to pick characters that have lovely membrane wings getting them right is never easy. I realised this morning Bǎihé's left wing should be showing in this shot, however I knew what I was doing wasn't quite right  so I contacted the expert Kiyoshi for his artistic advice and we managed to come up with this.

It looks all right, now all I need to do is paint it. どうもありがとうございました to my awesome editor I could not have done it without you.