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Posted By Babs

Samurai and the butterfly

 I have to say it is so great to finally have a launch date for Samurai and the butterfly 1st of September. At this very moment it is going through final checks to make sure there are no errors or something that makes the reader go what?

Hopefully not as Kiyoshi (editor) has gone over the book three times now and only spotted a minor mistake on page five. We were like typical give it out to the proofreaders and then we spot a little mistake. It’s inevitable (laugh). Well it is all sorted and the readers have been updated. I hope all of them enjoy their wonderful exclusive access to the manuscript.

I cannot wait to see what they all make of it and hopefully they all return it in enough time for Kiyoshi and I do make any changes needed.


To start off with it will only be available as an Ebook. I hope to do a paperback when I have learned Lulu’s new system better. I really do miss their simple Java Script, why did Java Script have to end? It made everything on their site 10x easier. Saying that I am kind of getting the hang of Lulu’s new interface. I will still have my own front covers, but the back cover will be unfortunately just plain with text. This is what I have had to do for the test copy of Samurai and the butterfly. Hopefully it will look all right and fingers crossed it goes up without any problems. I will of course keep you all posted and show off the test copy when it arrives.

Posted By Babs

What has been happening since I posted in June, I have created a group where you can play choose your own adventure style games, where, you, the player are the hero and you have to decide which path to take to continue the story. The reediting of Samurai and the butterfly has been done, it is currently being looked over by the proofreader. I have also been writing a story titled Mysterious Manor, which is centred around the Ellwood family. It is very close to be completed. To celebrate 109 followers on penana I have posted the first in the Yūrei Samurai series, I plan to continue it once I have finished the above story.

I am still yet to do a recording of Iron claw in the velvet glove,  one the neighbours have had a lot of work done on their house. The noise has been so bad I chose to do a project instead of trying to write. Two we have had some very hot days which made my little room very uncomfortable to work in. Other issues are not being able to pronounce the names of some of the characters correctly, Kiyoshi bless him has kindly helped me with issue. Two are quite hard to say when you are not Japanese, one you needed to roll the r which caused me to hesitate or just end up making a right mess of it. The other one it was getting the first two letters right which pose a problem. So I have changed them to ones I can say with no trouble at all. Also when reading it allowed we came across a few bits that needed tweaking to make the sentence flow better. Now it is all sorted I hope to do a recording without any problems.

Once it is done I will be giving the first copy on a cute flash drive to the lady who requested it to mainly see what she makes of it. Once she has given me the green light I am planing making it available to everyone.