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Posted By Babs
It has been nice having two weeks off with my dear friend and editor of the Master Guardian series. Tomorrow it is back to work, I will be completing Tales of Lord Lone Part Three: Fondness for a young lady blossoms. (Not 100% sure about that title :D ) I completed the drawing of Fa-Ying a fortnight ago I am really pleased with the way she turned out :) I will also be having another go at the podcast as I have been getting annoying feedback from somewhere, hope to get it all sorted soon.
Posted By Babs
When I opened GarageBand today to do the podcast of Tales of Kízòku Tenjoteki na. The rescue of a young Samurai, I found a piece of music which I had done years ago that is dedicated to Guard. I posed it in the group as a test before I do the podcast and some of the fans like it, one even said "Oms its perfect!!! When I heard it, it reminded me of the story! >, < its awesome!!!" That is what I like to hear :) Link to Guard.mp3
Posted By Babs
I thought for fun I will do a podcast of Tales of Kízòku Teńjōteki na and the rescue of a young Samurai. Giggle this is going to be fun, I have told a few of my fans and they cannot wait to hear it. :D