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Posted By Babs
Last night and today I am so happy to have Dave's two children, Jack and Alex coming into the story much earlier than previously planed. They are just so much fun :) I enjoy doing scenes with them as Jack tries to be so grown up and Alex is alway acking questions which makes his dad very on edge as he is always afraid his son might ask an inappropriate question and end up offending someone :).
Tuzki Bunny EmoticonIt is also nice to have them bring out Guardian's motherly side, which makes him very caring and the children just love it as it makes him less serious and more willing to play their games.
After this I only have one more scene to write and Part Four Book1 will be complete. Smiley Throwing Stars
Posted By Babs
Inuyasha Anime
I cannot believe I have nearly completed editing Master Guardian Part Four: Book One, just two scenes to go and it will be finished. I was also shocked Smiley to see that I have managed to get it down from 376 to 186 pages and I am yet to complete it, I have removed 190 pages which were no longer needed as I had already covered it in a previous story or it just no longer fitted with the series.
I have already read it through once and even I did not realise I had read a 100 pages until I looked at the page number with it being so smooth and fast pacing now which was nice, compared to what it was before, it just seemed to drag its heels Smiley which was not good at all, when even I the writer was getting fed up with it (笑). But it has now turned into a story which I can be very proud of and I still hope to get it published before the year is out, we will have to wait and see :).
Posted By Babs
Today I have made a start on Deviousness The Final Chapter and already I am on edge and want to hide (laugh) My water bottle expanded making a loud popping noise and I was like Smiley and thinking I need a Smiley but I'm all alone in the office and I just began to laugh out load, at the thought of someone hearing me making a small yelping sound when I jumped Smiley talk about embarrassing.
I know it will not take me long to complete it and I just hope the fans are going to like it and I will soon be putting a page together on the website purely for the Deviousness series :) Link to the first two stories Part One & Two
Posted By Babs
Smiley I so happy to see everyday there is a growing interest in my little Demon. I am now receiving 2 or 3 emails a day from people all over the world asking me about the series and which of the short stories they like the most. Or they inform me how much they like my drawings and tell me I have a unique style, which makes me very happy. Plus it is just not the Master Guardian series, there is a fast growing interest in Deviousness Smiley which is just cool, when I just wrote it to give my mind a brake from all the editing I have been doing. People have been informing me how great it is and one told me she could not read it alone, it things like that which tell you, you have written a good spooky story which even makes me the author jumpy. Smiley Because there is such a growing interest in it, I was even thinking about making a page on the website for it, under the title alternative reading, or something like that, so that all my work is in one place :)
Another great thing which is happening is the amount of help I am now receiving with regards to the Japanese, Mandarin and Korean. it's so great to always find someone online to ask, "Is this right?" before I move on, which is a tremendous help when I am still learning the languages and quite often I fine that I am using a too English phrase, which does not translate too well, but in the end we get it sorted :)
I am also shocked Smiley to see that 11,093 people have visited my blogs, all I can say is thank you and I hope the interest in my work continues ^_^
Posted By Babs
I have been having fun sorting out some of the descriptions for the novels.
After the problems with the 10th Anniversary edition not showing up on the iBookstore I contacted Lulu support and they informed that Apple have requested that the description for the 10th Anniversary edition be fleshed out in order for the eBook to be listed on the iBookstore. So this morning I set to work and fingers crossed the new description meets Apples approval and it finally be published on the iBookstore, I will keep you all posted:)

Because I have updated the description for Master Guardian Part One and approved it to be updated on Amazon, a copy of the novel come through the post this morning... (laugh) this happens every time I update it, so that it's not just going be left upon a shelf collecting dust, I was thinking about holding a small competition for the fans to win it. But what to do this time? I will put it to the fans, would you all like a drawing contest? Please leave a comment or privet message me :)
I will also be allowing none fans to take part, providing they are interested in the Master Guardian series.