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Posted By Babs

It is so nice to have all the Tale of Lord Lone Chéng series out in paperback and I must say there are still some books of his series to come, when I have written them Smiley

I had fun with updating the stories of Lĭwŭ so that they include his dad (Xīng-lóng’s lover) from the begging as one of my readers pointed out it was strange not to have him mentioned or appear until the final story and I was oh yeah I will add him in as they have been together since Xīng-lóng was 18. Smiley

I cannot believe next Wednesday will be the start of Copernicus Travels and I am yet to complete the last story, eek Smiley I hope to get it finished over the weekend or sometime next week. I have had fun doing the new drawing of him which will be appearing exclusive on the paperback edition of part one.

Posted By Babs

It is nice to have 6 of the Tales of Lord Lone series out in paperback. 

Starting next week will be the lauch of the Jingsong Lĭwù Shao series followed by Tales of Lord Lone Chéng Part Seven Rebellions.

I have been having fun painting the front covers in time for the Tales of Fedor launch in November. I have had to go to three art shops to get the materials before I could even start the new one I have done of Copernicus which I won't reveal until it is published next month. But I'll show this one  I did of Hisashi and Alric which I call, "The Happy Couple."Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Happy cuple

Posted By Babs

Last week I did this lovely exclusive painting of Xiĕ and Ga-eul with their son Weisheng. It is now up for sale. If you're interested please contact me. :)

Xue and Ga-eul

Posted By Babs

So pleased to have all three of the family galleries done. The rest of the drawings will be posted on DR21 publishing website over next week.

I think they are looking really good, here is a link to Spider's Galley 

I hope you all like it :D


Posted By Babs

I have been creating a new gallery here is a link of what I have done so far is the Shao family as I am not sure if it looks all right or how I am going to attach it to the website, but I'll find away :)

DR21 Publishing have launched their own website take a look at