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Posted By Babs

It is so good to finally be back at work, I have had to take things easy because I have had an injury to my left index finger after my pet rat bit it and caused tendon damage making it hard for me to move my middle knuckle. Even now it is still healing, I sometimes get pain from it which may continue for some time.

guinea pigWhilst I was recuperating I spent three weeks looking after 4 guinea pigs and decorated a model wooden house,

 Wooden house

which helped to get my poorly finger moving again.


Now I am back to writing the trilogy, I decided to restart book two from scratch because the first version was  turning out a bit slow to get going, compared to now, things are happening a lot faster. It is great to have baby Elliot in the story along with other members of his family as they all speak French and Elliot only knows a few words of English. I will also be introducing for the first time Mika, Xīwàng’s beloved Sphynx cat, as I love the breed and would love to own one or two myself if I had the room.