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Posted By Babs

 It is such a wonderful feeling to be so close now to publishing Samurai and the butterfly. As I write this, it is going through final checking to make sure everything is perfect before it is, all being well, published next week. I am not going to set a date just yet, incase things still need to be changed. Once I have the all clear from the wonderful proofreaders, who have done a great job helping me get this novel perfect, then I will post a date. 

I must apologise for how long it has taken me to get this book published. It’s just that I am really wanting to get this one absolutely perfect. Then I am not having updated it a week or a month later, after, you the fans, have spotted a mistake or something that does not make sense or just does not flow. Plus quite a few of you have said it does not look good when I am having to do an updated version.

I ask you all to be please be patient just a little longer.

Posted By Babs

Diehard fans are wonderful, because they have seen my tweet that I am at the moment waiting for a paper manuscript to return. They have all been saying the same thing, no do not publish until you have got it back and gone through it. They can wait for me to get the story absolutely perfect before I put it on sale. Some even said it looks bad when a week later you do an update, it is best to put it out when it is done. I heartily agree so this is why I am now saying coming soon. Once it is all sorted it will be going back to a proofreader for final checks and then all being well I will publish it.