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Posted By Babs
I am now officially on the final scene in Part Four, which I like to call Guard's Birthday scene. I still cannot believe it has only taken me half a year to get to this point.... It is such a nice feeling to be so close to the end, as this one has been a real big challenge mainly because of its shear size, I have never written a novel this big before and I plan to never do it again, haha I say that now but I still have the final book to write and that could turn out to be just as big :) Part four stands at this moment in time at a whopping 1,240 pages long :)
Posted By Babs
I have come up with a good and a cheep idea to advertise Transfer paper and some nice 100% cotton black T-shirts :) I'm going to place the URL either across the back or across the bust, as we all know it will get noticed there :D (quietly cough) I am also thinking about putting a small pic of Guardie on them. What a cool way to promote more interest in my little Demon, especially when they are worn in public. I won't be able to make many, so they will be very exclusive.