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Posted By Babs

Today I had great fun converting Master Guardian Part One for the Kindle store, when I exported it into an epub file I found that the text which was meant to be in italics wasn't which was really annoying and it kept indenting things when they shouldn't have been indented *sigh* in the end I had to export it in a DOC format as it was the only one which came up perfect on their site.... I cannot stand Word myself as it just cannot stand up to Pages which I use for all my novels and short stories :D


But I am really happy it is now on there even when it does not look as pretty *laugh* I'm just so used to seeing it with all its fancy fonts and looking really professional, which is now seems to lack. When it comes available I will be posting a link to it on the home page :D

Posted By Babs

I have complete Tales of Fedor Part Two, and now I am thinking what to do next... I guess there is nothing for it, I need to make a start on sorting out the huge Master Guardian Part Four which is three novels and two short stories long *sigh* (how did it get so big? O.o)


I still have the rest of the Tales of Lord Lone and Fedor to do. The next Tales of Lord Lone is going to be quite easy as it is centred around the fall of Yan 221BC which is part of the Seven Warring States, one of my favourite periods in China's history :) I might make a start on it this weekend.


I also hope to get the podcast sorted soon too and it is still going to be Gaia's Challenge, just need to find the right room to record in as the creative room is not great ^_^
Posted By Babs
Today I realised I am finally winning the battle against my Agoraphobia and it is such a great feeling, to be able to speak to a random stranger on the street and give them a business card, as a few years ago I was not able to do that, I would have just bowed my head and probably just turned around and went back home. I think it also helped that at the time we were the only two people on the street giggle if it was in a packed room it would not have happened, I would have just wanted to find a dark corner to hide in.


I also think having fans all over the world, chatting to them online is also helping to keep the naughty Agoraphobia at bay, however it still raises its little head every now and then as I will never be free from it, but at least I am leaning to control it and shove it back into the dark recesses of my mind :)
Posted By Babs
I decided today to change the podcast to Gaia's Challenge as it is a much easier story to do as my spoken Japanese is not very good XD I hope to be recording it this weekend.


I have also been having fun drawing Alric for the front cover of Tales of Fedor Part Two, he has come out all right, he is looking a bit smug which he gets from his mother Copernicus (rest his soul) and he is looking quite feminine which is so Alric, he never hides the fact that his is also a woman :DAlric
Posted By Babs
I have been having great fun writing the new Tales of Fedor Part two short story, it is set in one of my favourite countries Japan, in the year 170 AD, giggle my knowledge of Japanese history only goes back as far as the Samurai and also as I was writing it I realised they could not be drinking tea as that was not brought over to Japan from China until around the 9th century, and they cannot drink anything alcoholic as it will send them to sleep, I came up with the idea of water which has been boiled and flavoured with mint leaves XD


It has also been fun getting Fedor's attitude right with him having very limited emotions and now he is in a foreign country which is only going to make his mood worse. It is going to be interesting to put across to the readers what the mortals of the village he is staying in think of him, not smiling and having an intense scowl, like everything is too much :D