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Posted By Babs
This morning I decided to put a new wall calendar together and I was beginning to find it really hard as I did not want to have repeats from last years calendar, once they were taken out I still have 50 drawings to choose from... Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
I think I will put it to the fans to see which ones they would like to appear in it, as they love my drawings just as much as I do ^_^
Posted By Babs
I have been having fun this week drawing the Ellwood family for the gallery. I think all three drawings came out really well. I first posted them in the Master Guardian group on Facebook, to see what the fans thought of them and some of them which had a moment free kindly gave me comments which extended from good to nice :D
I think the hardest one was, Jack and Alex as I am not very good at drawing children...Smiley But they came out really well and I am very pleased them.
The boys
Posted By Babs
I cannot believe the fist of October has gone by and I am now so close to completing Master Guardian Part Four, it might just be a Christmas launch, but I cannot say for sure, it still could be a New Year launch :)
It is a good feeling to be on a scene which I have been wanting to do for quite some time that will include drawings of Rosalina and Guardian's son Fēng.... Gosh, I get really chocked up when I am doing scenes like this as they are never easy and I often find myself reaching for the tissues Smiley. I just think my goodness if someone walked in right now Smiley I would be like haha, no, no I wasn't getting upset Smiley *cough and continue to work* XD I just say it makes me a good writer to feel what Guardian is going through, as he will never forget his dear wife and son, it is always going to be hard for him to remember them. Once I have completed it I think I am going to take a little brake before I find myself crying my eyes out and just wanting Smiley a big hug :)