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Posted By Babs
It was nice to do a short story based on a new character who will be appearing in Master Guardian Part 4 Book 2 Family Gathering. I thought let's start at the beginning of his life and how he became part of Guardian's huge family. I was so pleased to fine two names which suited him well Jinsong means sturdy pine because he was found at the base of a pine tree and Lǐwù means gift as he's the best gift Xīng lóng could hope for with him only able to have his son Fēngbào.
I not very good when it comes to drawing babies, but I all right with him and I enjoyed drawing baby Lǐwù in his little basket, he's looks so cute ^_^
Baby Lǐwù
Posted By Babs
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It is nice to discover all of the books are once again available on iTunes Just Amazon to go, which is going to take longer as at the moment there just isn't the founds available to pay for the distribution rights.
In other news, all the 6 short stories of Tales of Lord Lone Chéng have been edited after it was brought to my attention some of the Mandarin and Korean was incorrect which is has been all sorted and will be reposted as soon as posable.