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Posted By Babs

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It is great to see the first page of Dampa is back from Shantz services, in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. DR21 Publishing have already placed both versions on Wattpad and placed a copy of the Taditional Chinese version on All we need now is feedback from the fans to let us know what they make of it as it would be nice to know if the translators have done a good job or not, before they make a start on page two. 

Posted By Babs


It is nice to see that three stories have been edited, Family Gathering and Fedor part one and two.

Tales of Fedor Aristaios Kontos part two New Friendship has had to be rewritten in places so that it fits better with the Copernicus Trilogy which helps the two series flow into each other better. It is also looking like Part three is going to be getting the same treatment.

It has also been great to see some more of the short stories appearing on Google play. Out soon, Tales of Lord Lone Part Five, Jinsong Liwù Shao part one, Tales of Lord Lone Part Seven, Jinsong Liwù Shao Part Two The Mystery and Part Three The Princess.


Posted By Babs


It is so nice to see the short stories are starting to appear on Google Play, they are exactly the same as the paperback versions but in digital, no need to convert them into epubs, thank goodness as it can be a real pain, taking out all my lovely illustrations so that it is just a simple not very attractive document, which personally I have never liked, I’ve always preferred the paperback versions. DR21 Publishing are even considering not doing an epub version of Family Gathering when it’s launched in December and just making a digital version available on Google Play, because the illustrations which will appear in it are part of the story.

Posted By Babs

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonI am so pleased to announce from next Wednesday Dampa Long Li is going to be translated into traditional and simplified Chinese, it is going to take them two to five months to completely translate him. I am so pleased this is finally happening, I am so over the moon. Smiley

Posted By Babs

Tuzki Bunny EmoticonI have often been asked if I'm on Tumblr so I thought I will give it a go. I am quite please with the site, (笑) I have not posted much there yet, I will continue to place things on their over the weekend. I hope the fans like what I have done so far :)