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Posted By Babs
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Yes today I have finally sorted Master Guardian Part Two. I am so pleased it only took a fortnight, I hope it fits nicely now with the rest of the series and I have given the Official Master Guardian group on Facebook exclusive access to read the new version before it is published in the new year. I cannot wait to saw what they all make of it. I am going to be taking a short brake before I continue with Tales of Lord Lone Part Four: The fall of Yan and try to get that completed too haha before Christmas arrives :D


Then in the new year I will be sorting of the HUGE Part Four Tuzki Bunny Emoticon I think the beginning and middle novels plus the two short stories are fine, it's just the last novel which really needs good editing and I think a lot of it can be removed and made in to side stories as there is just too much going on... I will see what I can do with it once I get there :D
Posted By Babs
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I have put Tales of Lord Lone Part Four on hold after I received a printed copy of Part Two, I began to check it through one last time before I launch it on to Amazon and I went Smileywait a sec, hold the phone Josh would know that, as three generations of his family lived in Japan. This has all come about because of me writing the Ferdor series and developing Josh's great grandmother Alric's character who migrated to Japan in 171 AD. So I am now busy going through it and changing his scenes so that they fit better with his families history. I just hope the fans are going like the new version :D

Posted By Babs
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I am so pleased, today I submitted the the 600 word short story titled Memory to the Lulu's writing contest, all have got to now is wait and see and hope all my fans vote for it and buy it *giggle*. I also hope that it makes it on to the iBookstore as that would be awesome, I'm still waiting for it to be accepted, *keeping my fingers crossed* :D I still cannot believe I have done this I am so happy :) If you would like to take a look, copy and past the link below and happy reading


I think I should also thank Nick (my partner) who helped me with the final checks on Memory and telling me it's great. I think I would not have submitted it without your encouragement, thanks my angle :)
Posted By Babs
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Today I am making the final checks on a 600 word story which I have wrote for the Lulu writing contest.


It is the first time I have ever done anything like this as in the past I never thought my work was good enough... but having fans who I know love my little Demon, have encouraged me to give it go, as you never know I might win first prizeLOL 
Smiley We will just have to wait and see. I don't mean to boast when I say am quite proud myself for having the guts to finally do this and I hope it encourages me to do more writhing contests in the future :) (wish me luck)

Posted By Babs
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It's hard to concentrate on writing when your media box decides to start being naughty... and freezing songs, I will have to try and get her fixed as playing music through the laptop is not the same but it's alright.


I am also struggling with the ending of Tales of Lord Lone Part 4, with it being set at the fall of The Seven Warring States it's been a bit of a challenge to change to fit with the story, however I think I have now cracked it and hope have it completed sometime this week :)


Also to report, I have had one hiccup with regards to getting Master Guardian Part One on to the iBook bookstore, they would not take him because there was a fault within the file, so I am trying again and fingers crossed everything is fine this time and he goes through :) I will keep you all posted and tweet it the moment I get an answer saying he is now available on there, which would be great as epub is not fun at all to work with :/