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Posted By Babs
Click here for more graphics and gifs! I have been having fun over the past few days trying to describe fireworks. I have been finding myself going Smiley and thinking I hope that comes across all right to the reader, here is a small extract, "Everyone apart from Guardian look up when a rocket goes shooting into the darkening sky and explodes into a shower of orange sparkles."
It has also been fun trying to describe how my characters are reacting to them which isn't easy either. Once this scene is completed it will be the end of Master Guardian Part 4 Book 2. Then it will be back to Book 2 The Family Gathering :D
Click here for more graphics and gifs!
Posted By Babs
I have been having fun over the past few days, drawing two new sketchers which will be appearing in Master Guardian Part 4. I had lots of fun with this one Elliot & aunty Frederic
getting the arms right on Fredric was very tricky and I am not sure if they are 100% right now Smiley but saying that I think it is looking much better than my first attempt :D I am very pleased with the way baby Elliot has come out as I am hopeless when it comes to drawing children, especially babies. They really are hard to get right, Tuzki Bunny Emoticon but he's come out looking OK *laugh* and the expression I have given him really makes him look unhappy about his aunty Fredric giving him a hug. All he wants is his ma ^_^
I will be adding them to gallery over the weekend :)
Posted By Babs
Today I have been playing with podcasting Smiley I must admit it is really strange hearing the sound of my own voice. I found myself thinking... do I really sound like that? Smiley But, I have found that there is still a little bit of feedback from the microphone which I don't seem to be able to get rid of... but, anyway, I am hoping it is beginning to sound better than it was before... I have place a sneak preview on here, just the Opening page to Master Guardian Part One
I hope you all like it and I will just go and hide now as that was so nerve-racking Smiley
Posted By Babs
Tuzki Bunny Emoticon Such a good feeling to be so close to completing Master Guardian Part Four Book One. The firework scene is going to be so much fun to write with the children watching the fireworks at Guardian's privet place above the garage, along with his brothers, Darkness, Lord Celestial and Shinma :)
I have also been busy designing a flip book of my drawings along with a photo Wall Calendar, they are both going to be exclusive to buy through DR21 Publishing. Here is a sneak preview